Great Reasons to Sell During the Winter Months


Have you been considering listing your home, but you’re afraid that no one is house hunting during the winter months?  Fear no more!  The winter season is a great time to list your home,  let me tell you why!

  • When it’s cold outside, you have less competition!  Wouldn’t you prefer to be the only house for sale on your street, instead of one of three?  
  • You know you’ve got motivated buyers when they want to bundle up to go house hunting!  Not only just house hunting, but they’re prepared to move when it’s freezing outside!
  • Many buyers want to find a home before the New Year for tax purposes!  
  • Your transaction will most likely run a little smoother since your Realtor, lender and title company tends to be a little slower during the winter months.

If you’ve been thinking about selling, what’s holding you back!  It’s a great time to SELL!